REAL NAME: Fitzgerald Cornelius Henry
DATE OF BIRTH: January 13, 1921
PLACE OF BIRTH: Arouca, Trinidad
  • Arouca Government School
  • Piccadilly Street EC School
  • CAREER:                                  Terror learned to play the trumpet at a young age and also sang in school and church choirs. He began his calypso career in 1947 and made his debut at the Calypso Palace Tent in 1948. He later joined the Young Brigade Tent in 1949 where he performed until 1953. He took a job on a ship as a fireman and eventually landed in England in 1953. He found employment with a pottery company in London but also sang calypsoes in London nightclubs and freelanced as a bassist and drummer. He won the Calypso King of Great Britain contest in 1957 with "Life in London" and "I'll Walk A Million Miles." He spent the next several years singing and playing music around the UK with Lord Kitchener and Bert McLean's Trio, respectively. Terror returned to Trinidad in 1964 and sang at the Calypso Review Tent in 1965. He won the Calypso Crown in 1966 with "Steelband Jamboree" and "Last Year's Happiness," and represented Trinidad & Tobago at the first World Festival of Negro Arts in Dakar, Senegal, in April 1966. He resettled in Trinidad in 1966 and continued to appear at various calypso tents through the 1990s. His other calypsoes include:
    • 1947 - Negroes Know Thyself
    • 1950 - Chinese Children
    • 1951 - Tiny, Tiny Blow The Trumpet for Me
    • 1965 - Pan Talent; Keep Calypso Clean; Callaloo Tonic
    • 1972 - Pan in Tune
    • 1973 - Tribute to The Solo Harmonites; That Woman Could Lie
    • 1977 - Forgetful Panmen; My Suggestion
    • 1978 - Gouti Dance; Madness; Give The Youths A Chance
    • 1979 - Soca Special; Welcome Foreigners
    • 1980 - Don't Change Calypso; Steelband Boycott
    • 1982 - What Is A Disco; Mostly Women Playing Mas
    • 1986 - The Greatness in Mankind; Sugar for Pan
    • 1988 - Any Time Is Party Time in America
    • 1991 - Money Good, Money Bad; Panmen Jamming Pan
    • 1993 - Calypso Teacher
    • 1995 - No Bail for criminals; Back With The Pan
    • 1996 - Chinese Panorama; Miss Colombia
    • 1997 - Reply to Big Belly Man
    • Also - No Carnival in Britain
    • 1985 - Trinidad & Tobago Humming Bird Medal Silver (for Calypso)
    • 2004 - Lifetime Achievement Award, Copyright Organization of Trinidad & Tobago
    DIED: March 14, 2007, in Trinidad
    Compiled by Ronald C. Emrit