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Dating back to the 1940s, Belmont produced many residents who made significant contributions in the areas of sports and the arts; these outstanding individuals are documented below. In the 1950s, when many Trinidadians still cooked with charcoal, Belmont residents purchased 'coals' from Flora on Willis Street. In the 1960s, the HiLo grocery chain opened a store at the corner of Myler and Norfolk Streets. Gonzalez is one of the communities of Belmont.


Belmont is the place where comedian Tommy Joseph grew up.

Cinema: Belmont had one cinema operating from the 1950s to the 1970s - Olympic on Erthig Road.

Calypso: Calypsonians who were born in Belmont include Lord Caresser, Mighty Shadow and David Rudder.

Steelbands: The following is a listing of the steelbands that functioned in Belmont, broken down by type: traditional (pans supported around the neck); and conventional (pans supported mechanically).

Amboys Conventional   Defunct
Bar 22 Traditional 35 Roslyn Street  
Belmont City Kids Traditional Defunct Founded in 1956, and operated from 17 Farrell Lane.
Belmont Harmonic Traditional    
Belmont Fifth Dimension Conventional St. Francois Valley Road  
Belmont Symphony Conventional   Defunct
Casablanca Conventional 31 Belmont Circular Road Click here for details.
Chetniks Conventional   Defunct
Classy Sounds Conventional Belmont Secondary School, Circular Road  
Dem Boys Conventional   Defunct
Dem Fortunates Conventional   Best remembered for its rendition of "The Teddy Bears' Picnic" in the late-1950s.
Dixieland Conventional   Click here for details.
Fifth Dimension Conventional St. Francois Valley Road  
Gonzales Sheikers Traditional Excalier Government Primary School  
Harlem Syncopators Traditional 63 Quarry Road, Gonzales  
Hi Larks Traditional 79 Belmont Circular Road  
In Focus Conventional Jerningham Avenue  
Pan Vibes Conventional St. Francois Valley Road  
Pandemonium Conventional 3 Norfolk Street  
Players Symphony Conventional Davis Street  
Rising Sun Conventional   Defunct
Sunland Conventional Defunct  
Syncopators Conventional   Defunct
Super Sonics Traditional St. Francois Valley Road  

Conventional Music Bands: Conventional music bands that functioned in Belmont included the following:

Bert Bailey and the Jets Functioned from the late-1950s to the 1960s on Baptiste Lane.

Mas(querade) Bands: Mas' bands that functioned in Belmont included:

Burrokeets 22A Belle Eau Road  
De B.O.S.S. 107 Belmont Circular Road  
Trotters Football International Observatory Street  
"Big" Wilfred McLean Defunct Operated from Industry Lane.


Cricket: Cricketers born in Belmont who went on to represent the West Indies in Test Cricket were Ellis Achong, Ian Bishop, Bryan Davis, Charles Davis, and Andy Ganteaume.

Soccer: The Colts soccer club was based in Belmont and competed in the First Division of the POSFL into the 1960s. Residents Andy Ganteaume and Gerry Browne represented Trinidad & Tobago.

Favorite Eating Places

Academic Institutions

Belmont Boys' RC School Primary 119 Belmont Circular Road Roman Catholic This school was originally a church that was built in 1888; 545 pupils in 2002.
Belmont Girls' RC School Primary 119 Belmont Circular Road Roman Catholic 574 pupils in 2002
Belmont Government Primary School Primary   Non-Denominational  
Belmont Government Secondary School Secondary 34A Belmont Circular Road Non-Denominational  
Belmont Boys' Secondary School Secondary   Roman Catholic  
Maryland RC School Primary Upper St. Francois Valley Road Roman Catholic 226 pupils in 2002
Providence Girls' Secondary School Secondary 146 Belmont Circular Road Roman Catholic  
St. Francois Girls' College Secondary St. Francois Valley Road Non-Denominational  
St. Margaret's Boys' School Primary St. Margaretís Lane Anglican ....
St. Margaret's Girls' School Primary St. Margaretís Lane Anglican ....
St. Martin's RC School Primary 34B Belmont Circular Road Roman Catholic 430 pupils in 2002
St. Martin Girls' High School Secondary 59 Bel Eau Road Roman Catholic  

Well-Known Characters

Bat Kelvin James Famous for cracking open green and dry coconuts with his forehead.

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