Edwards with Limbo Pole Support Stand (2002)


PLACE OF BIRTH: Port-of-Spain, Trinidad
EDUCATION: Tranquillity Girls' School
CAREER:                                          Edwards began dancing in 1948 with Boscoe Holder's dance troupe. When Boscoe Holder left to pursue his career in England, she continued dancing with the troupe after his brother, Geoffrey Holder, took over its leadership. Eventually, Geoffrey Holder also left Trinidad in 1953 to pursue his career and Edwards started choreographing for her own dance troupe, the Julia Edwards Dance Group. Her group went on to perform at the most popular hotels, clubs, and restaurants. While performing the limbo at the local nightclub Miramar, her dancers were recruited to appear in the 1957 American movie "Fire Down Below." She was credited with introducing the flaming limbo in 1959 when she included it in a performance to mark the opening of Queen's Hall in St. Ann's. Edwards' dance group has appeared on various stages throughout the USA, including the Radio City Music Hall in New York, USA. The group also performed in other countries such as Haiti, India, Mexico, Senegal, Venezuela, and Yugoslavia. Although she continued to choreograph into the early 2000s, Edwards stopped dancing regularly with her group in 1972.
  • 1991 - Trinidad & Tobago Humming Bird Medal Gold (for Culture)
Compiled by Ronald C. Emrit