REAL NAME: Rupert Westmore Grant
PLACE OF BIRTH: San Fernando, Trinidad
CAREER:                                Invader began his career in the 1930s and, between the early 1940s and 1950s, sang at the Original Old Brigade Tent. In 1941, he was one of five calypsonians who travelled to New York, USA, to record for Decca Records. He set up operations in New York with the Duke of Iron and Macbeth the Great and went on to help popularize calypso music in the USA in the 1940s. Invader is best remembered for his 1943 song "Rum and Coca Cola" which was recorded in 1944 by the American singers, The Andrew Sisters, without compensation to Invader. After a suit that lasted several years in the U.S. courts, Invader received compensation for copyright infringements. He later went to England in 1956 where he made appearances in Europe. His other calypsoes included:
  • 1949 - Social Parties
  • Also - Saga Boy's in Town; Caro At Point Cumana; Out the Fire; Ten Thousand to Bar Me One; Cousin Family; When You Hear I Die; New York Subway; Me One Alone; Sly Mongoose; Mary Ann; Pepsi Cola; The Soldiers Came and Broke Up My Life; Labor Day; Brown Girl in the Ring; Chicago, Chicago; My Intention Is War; No Place Like the West Indies; My Experience on the Reeperbahn; Auf Wiedersehen; Cat O' Nine Tails; Crisis in Arkansas; Steel Band War; You're Wasting Your Time; I'm Going Back to Africa; Happy Land of Canaan (with Duke of Iron); Tie-Tongue Baby; Edward III (with Duke of Iron and Macbeth the Great); That Game Named Poker; The GI and the Lady (with Duke of Iron and Macbeth the Great); Te Way; Calypso War (with Duke of Iron and Macbeth the Great); Yankee Dollar; God Made Us All; Agouti
DIED: October 15, 1961, in Queens, New York, USA
Compiled by Ronald C. Emrit