In the movie, "Calypso Joe" (1957)


REAL NAME: Cecil Anderson
PLACE OF BIRTH: ..., Trinidad
CAREER:                                     Anderson learned music from his father who was a musician; he went on to play the flute, clarinet, saxaphone, and quatro. He moved to New York, USA, in 1923 where he began playing professionally and, by the late-1930s, had become one of the best-known calypsonians in the USA. He was one of three calypsonians who operated from New York, in the 1940s; the others were Lord Invader and Macbeth the Great. He later formed a band and toured Europe before returning to the USA in 1956 at the height of Harry Belafonte's popularity singing calypso music. He appeared in the 1957 American movie "Calypso Joe" which starred actress Angie Dickinson. During the 1950s and 1960s, he performed regularly at numerous New York nightclubs, and appeared at Carnegie Hall and the Apollo Theatre. Anderson's calypsoes included:
  • Man Smart, Woman Smarter; Music Teacher; Man Centipede; Calypso Samba; Woman Police; Merengue Jenny; Big Bamboo; Last Train; Lost Watch; Creole Girl; Undercover Man; The Naughty Fly; Coldest Woman; Woman Love; Tie Up Me Dress; Wide Screen; I Left Her Behind for You; Postman; Parakeets; Druscilla; Walter Winchell; Calypso Invasion; Ugly Woman; Three Friends' Advice; Don't Stop the Carnival; Roosevelt in Trinidad; Fire Down There; Clear De Road; Zets Calypso; Gefeeltah Fish; Rice and Tanya; Song of Cecilia; Monkey See Monkey Do; Sally Waters; Samson & Delilah; Calypso War (with Lord Invader and Macbeth the Great); The GI and the Lady (with Lord Invader and Macbeth the Great); Edward III (with Lord Invader and Macbeth the Great); Happy Land of Canaan (with Lord Invader)
DIED: 1968
Compiled by Ronald C. Emrit